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"Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."
William Cullen Bryant

Introducing our rich colors of Fall!

 Brown, mustard yellow, burgundy and copper are the colors in this  quilted tote.

  Travel Jewelry Bag in a sunflower print in yellow, brown and orange.

Rayon challis infinity scarf sports a ethnic print in purple, mustard, olive  and red.

Hand knit rolled brim hat in Wildfire and Harvest acrylic yarn


  •  Bev said:  Bought an infinity scarf for a friend. It is so soft to touch with beautiful colors. Next, I will buy one for myself!

  • Karen said:  I bought a hat from you at the USM craft fair the end of November....I was interested in having one made for my daughter in the purple and grey yarn you showed me that that something you can still do? I love my hat and she tried it on and also loved it.

  • Cyndi said:  These products are top quality! I've purchased a sunglass (or regular glasses) cover - very pretty material, and glasses fit nicely into it. My favorite is "The Shannon", a travel jewelry tote. It has drawstrings to tie it so you don't lose anything and several little pockets inside to separate your jewels. Nice, nice stuff!

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